Getting Iconic!

One of the many little details involved in setting up a WordPress site is adding a site icon.

Starting with my original promo image for RamboPawn

I worked at it to whittle it down to the little icon you can see in the browser tab.

RamboPawn site icon in action!

The steps:

1 – This was just the simplified version of the promo image. It was incomprehensible when tiny.

2 – I tried to make the pawn more recognizable by not slicing it diagonally.

3 – I added more squares to show a chessboard.

4 – The white squares were kinda just too… open. I used the pawn’s red to make a border to create a tight, solid image. The kind I’d like to see on a t-shirt.


And there you have it — now it’s a RamboPawn site icon!