I said Launch not Lunch!

I took (retook if you read the origin of RamboPawn story) the domain RamboPawn.com and did all the fiddling necessary to put up a WordPress site. And here is the first promo image of RamboPawn from a playtesting session:

An Advil bottle makes a fitting substitute for a pawn

RamboPawn has been a concept that’s been bouncing around in my head since 2008 (as a video game concept) and when I recently saw TheGameCrafter.com saying they were having a solo game contest, it suddenly hit me that it would be an interesting effort to recast the game as a card game. To make it even more interesting, I want the game to get the maximum utility out of a deck of 54 cards so that I can make it as portable as possible.

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I said “Lunch” not “Launch!”